Kopi Luwak: The most expensive coffee made from animal feces

kopi luwak

Coffee is a world-famous and popular beverage. Different grades of coffee are available in the world. Just as they are different from each other in terms of taste and smell, there is also a huge difference in terms of price. Again, not all coffee production processes are the same. The production process and prices of some coffees are so strange that one has to be amazed! Luak is one such coffee.

kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is completely different from other coffees in the world in terms of the production process, taste and price. Its benefits and nutritional value are much higher than regular coffee. The price of a cup of Luak coffee can range from 35$ to 100$. Where a cup of good quality coffee costs between two and five dollars in the world market.

Those who are shaking after hearing the price and quality of coffee, now know the production process of Luak coffee well. Because after knowing the reason, you may hesitate whether to drink this coffee or not. Luak coffee beans are cultivated in Indonesia. However, coffee beans are not obtained from this seed like other coffees after cultivation. Because the chemicals required for the fermentation of these coffee beans cannot be produced artificially. This chemical is found in the stomach of a type of animal called palm civet.

Palm civet is known as Gandhakula or Khatash in our country. They are found in Southeast Asia and the Sahara desert. However, many Gandagoculs are now raised in Indonesia for Luwak production.

Luwak fruit seeds cannot be digested by Gandagocula. As a result, these seeds are fed to them. The seeds are then mixed with a type of enzyme (a special biochemical substance produced in the animal’s body cells) in the stomach of the beetle. For 8-12 hours, the seeds remain in the stomach of Gandagocula. This adds caramel flavor to the seeds. It is a type of fragrance. Moreover, as a result of digestion, the acid level in the seeds also decreases. And thus the taste and aroma of Luak increase several times.

These seeds were fed to Gandagokul. Then what is the way to bring them out? Got it right. They come out with the feces of Gandagokul. The seeds are separated from the feces. Luak coffee is then made from the selected seeds.

300 kg to 500 kg of Luwak coffee is produced worldwide every year. Where ordinary coffee is produced every year more than 900 million tons! As a result, this coffee has always remained beyond the reach of common people. Usually, this coffee is sold at high prices in the world’s leading elite hotels.


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