The viral Dalgona coffee of the pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were confined to their homes due to restrictions. What happened to the house arrest, it is not allowed to crowd on social media anymore. At the beginning of that restriction, Dalgona Coffee suddenly attacked Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. No one had anything special to do with the restrictions. Everyone rushed to make Dalgona coffee at home.

Easy recipe, and fun to eat. As a result, two by two were four. Dalgona kept Instagram hot for quite some time by climbing the ladder and beating many in popularity. Let me give you an idea about the popularity of Dalgona. If you search Instagram right now, you will get more than 500,000 results.

How did the name Dalgona come about?

There is a special report on ‘Dalgona’ in the Canadian-American magazine Vice. It is said that, according to historians, it was originally called Fenti Hui and was born in the Indian subcontinent. However, South Korea has a hand in popularity. There, a type of sponge toffee was fondly called Dalgona in the local language. And that toffee was called Honeycomb (honeycomb) in other parts of the world. Because, after taking a bite of it, the inside looks like a beehive. South Korean actor and YouTuber Jung Il Woo visited Macau, China. There he was given this drink. He shared that video on his YouTube channel. The drink is very similar to their country’s street coffee, Toffee Dalgona. The glass went viral in restrictions. Since then, Dalgona has not shied away from the discussion.

Why is Dalgona so famous?

Dalgona coffee

Varikki is the name of the Algona that storms the coffee mug in restrictions. But it doesn’t take much time or materials to make. And a mug of Dalgona can be your best companion in loneliness. Can be easily made. And the taste is the best. It would not be an exaggeration to call Dalgona the most popular coffee in the world at the moment. Now its new name is ‘Quarantine Coffee’.

Quickly make Algona

Ingredients: 1 cup of boiled and cooled milk, 2 tablespoons of coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of hot water (as much coffee, sugar, and equal amount of water)

Method: Take coffee, sugar, and water in a bowl. Beat with a hand beater. If not, you can also use a spoon. In that case, it will take a lot of time. Beat or whisk until thick foam forms. Take two to four ice cubes in another mug. Pour a cup of boiled and cooled milk into it. And pour over the mixture of ground coffee, sugar, and water. By the way, Dalgona coffee is made. If you want to eat it hot, leave out the ice. And take warm milk. Use hot water while whisking.

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