Brief History of Starbucks: The Best Coffee Shop Company in The World

The famous coffee house Starbucks in America. People who haven’t heard of Starbucks may not be found. The famous American coffee house Starbucks has about 19,555 stores across 57 countries of the world! Starbucks has 12,611 branches in the United States, 1248 in Canada, 965 in Japan, 560 in England, 560 in China, and 420 in South Korea. And about 149,000 workers are working in these branches. They are currently selling drip-brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other cold, and hot drinks, coffee beans, salads, coffee mugs including snacks, appliances. The facts may sound like fairy tales, but they are true. Did Starbucks get this success overnight? Not at all. How, when, and where did Starbucks get started? How did they become so popular all over the world? Let’s find out the brief history of Starbucks

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The story of the beginning of the journey of the Starbucks

On March 30, 1971, three friends Jerry, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker set sail for the Starbucks in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by their acquaintance, Alfred Peet, they sold high-quality coffee beans. They also sold coffee-making equipment. At first, they bought these coffee beans from Alfred Peet. It was later purchased directly from the manufacturer and marketed to consumers. Zev Siegel left in 1970.

Entering the stage is Howard Schultz

howard schultz

Howard Schultz was the general manager of a company called Hammarplast in 1971. They actually produced various coffee-making equipment. That year Howard Schultz noticed that they received the most orders from Starbucks. Curious as to what was going on there, one morning he set out for Starbucks. Meets Starbucks owners Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. They were impressed with Howard Schultz’s work plan and strategy and hired him as Starbucks’ Head of Marketing.

Howard Schultz noticed that some workers behaved arrogantly towards consumers. He first instructed the staff to always be friendly with the consumers.

Searching for ideas

In 1983, Howard Schultz participated in an exhibition in Milan, Italy. While traveling, he noticed that people were flocking to Italian coffee houses and coffee bars all day long. Consumers are chatting for hours. Coffee houses and coffee bars have become a meeting place for meeting and chatting with each other. After retiring, they go to coffee houses. Seeing this, he thought that American cities could also become a huge market for coffee houses.


After coming to America, he shared his idea with Starbucks owners Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. “He said that besides coffee beans, we can also sell hot and cold drinks by heating coffee,” he said. It has a huge market. But they did not like Howard Schultz’s idea at all. Howard Schultz later left Starbucks to implement his own idea.

The journey of Il Giornale begins

Howard Schultz left Starbucks and set up a coffee shop called Il Giornale (a famous Italian daily paper). He shared his idea with 242 investors to raise capital for this coffee shop. But 218 people showed no interest in it. But he still clung to his idea. He later raised about 1.5 million from about 30 investors. Interestingly, the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates was also an investor. Though the idea was good, at first they made some mistakes. Some consumers did not like opera music at all as background music. Some wanted seats. Some did not understand menus written in Italian. They correct their mistakes very quickly. And within 6 months, about 1000 consumers started coming to their coffee shops regularly.

a brief history of starbucks

Purchase Starbucks

Finally, in 1986, Howard Schultz, along with some local investors, bought Starbucks from Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. At the age of 34, Howard Schultz became president and CEO of Starbucks. Starbucks has not had to look back since then.

The secret of success

Explaining his success, Howard Schultz said: “We have always tried to create a consumer-friendly environment at Starbucks. Tried to change over time. And our focus was not only on the consumers but also on the demands of the workers. In addition, we always arrange training for our new employees so that they can serve the customers more efficiently. We try to give employees a nice working environment. We also always monitor the health and hygiene of our employees. We also give employees the opportunity to buy shares of the company. ”

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