This is the first coffee minister appointed in the world.

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister has announced his cabinet, bringing in new faces and positions. Papua New Guinea’s government has appointed a minister to make the country’s coffee more popular. The minister’s job will involve looking after different aspects concerning coffee. This term is believed to be the first in the world. The Prime Minister of the country, James Marape, said that the government has taken this step to expand the agricultural industry due to coffee’s significant role as a valuable commercial product in Papua New Guinea’s economy.

coffee tree

 Coffee accounts for 27% of total agricultural exports. And the coffee business is 6% of the country’s total GDP. Not only this but for the first time, Marape has also appointed a minister for palm oil. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister announced the new 33-member cabinet: “The appointments are made to boost the agriculture sector so that agriculture can grow in the country.

Agriculture has the most significant impact on the country’s population. Because most of our people are farmers by profession. We have land, and I aim to encourage our people to produce agriculture. “Papua New Guinea primarily exports coffee and palm oil as its main commodities. Joe Cooley, the former Minister of Commerce and Industry, has been appointed the country’s coffee minister.

The newly appointed minister, Joe Cooley, originates from the country’s renowned coffee-producing Waghi Valley region. The prime minister said, perhaps referring to Joe Cooley’s other There will be no work. His only job will be to brew the best coffee. Although coffee is the most important trade instrument in the country, the coffee industry has been facing challenges lately. So Prime Minister Marap hopes that the appointment of a coffee minister will change this situation.

Dominated, producing about 85% of the country’s annual crop. It is the source of income for about two million people – about a quarter of the population. Francis Maneke, MP for Talas in West New Britain – has been appointed the new palm oil minister. Oil palm is PNG’s largest Agricultural product, which accounts for about 40% of Papua New Guinea’s export earnings in the agricultural sector. The prime minister said, ‘We have much land that is lying idle, and it will be Minister Manek’s job to put this land to use in the agricultural sector. ”